Delivery First. Digital Second. Everything Else Third.

Thank you for visiting my site.

I have been a project professional in financial services for over 12 years, and a senior digital manager since 2014.

I have managed a huge and varied array of change projects in my career, and been involved in some truly innovative and exciting digital transformation work as well.

One thing I have learned along the way is this: it doesn’t have to cost a fortune, nor be the most exciting buzz-word, acronym-filled project to be important. My favourite projects have often been done with minimal budget, resource and time.

I prefer proving concepts that can then be scaled quickly and efficiently, to acquiring huge budgets with large-scale teams and confusing, politically-charged scope.

Here I will share examples of how this mindset could be utilised by others to be more successful in their own digital delivery endeavours, as well as commenting on new and interesting innovations and technology trends.